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Top Story: Introducing Aspirations of Kalos

Shamrai, Master of Fire

     Aspirations of Kalos is our new competitive card game coming to Kickstarter this September. It is very exciting to unveil this new game, with the Beta Tournament Series, where there will be champions crowned who will gain invitations to even bigger events. 

     One of our spotlight Champions is Shamrai, Master of Fire. He has some amazing abilities, as he punishes the opponent for discarding. In Aspirations of Kalos, you discard cards, or pay Aspiration Points (The 4 on Shamrai) to play cards. This makes Shamrai a devastating foe! 

     For more information, please stay tuned for our live tournament play coming up on September 7th! We are excited to see who will win the Beta Open at G2K Games of Abingdon, Virginia! 

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With card games and board games for all ages, Auraplex Studios hopes to push the tabletop gaming industry forward. 

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Top Story

Introducing the Biggest, Baddest playmat around

Auraplex Studios Biggest Baddest Baddie is getting a brand new play mat that is designed with players in mind. With sections to represent each area of equipment, this layout makes life so much easier for the players. It also has a convenient life bar at the top for health. 

The art will not be limited to the Ogre scene, but will also have interesting options such as the Dragon, Abominable Chicken, and many more. The Clucking Collector's edition will be one of the exclusive ways to obtain the Abominable chicken mat, while the Dragon will be included in the Elite(Gold) edition collector's set. 

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Down at the Dump!

Dumpster Plunge Hits Tabletop Simulator

Our very own Vice President, Greg Ratliff, is putting together an awesome simulation of our upcoming board game Dumpster Plunge. This will soon be a way reviewers can play the game and test it out. We have many plans for the simulator, pushing more of our up and coming games into it. 

Dumpster Plunge is a game where you try to get the best treasures from the dumpster to defeat your opponents. The goal is to have the highest value of items when the game ends. We will be revealing more about this and other games! 

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FULLY FUNDED in 13hrs! All is Madness Tabletop RPG

Ever wondered what it would be like to face your biggest fears? That is the world of All is Madness. Your character will have a phobia in this tabletop rpg that will change the entire game for him/her. 

The rulebook is currently in the works so players all around the world can have access to this, along with the character sheet. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with this tabletop!

We are now completing all the material to send to our loyal backers! 


Goblins and Grenades prepares for Beta test

It is almost time to see Goblins and Grenades in live gameplay! It excites us to see how many goblins go Kaboom! 


Dungeon Crawl: Hidden Secrets in development

Explore dungeons with your friends in this world-building tabletop. Lay tiles as you discover hidden secrets. 

Our Mission at Auraplex Studios

Gamers dedicated to gamers

     Here at Auraplex, we are dedicated to bringing you the best tabletop games possible. We are gamers supporting other gamers in finding the very best. From multiplayer games to one on one strategy games, we are releasing new games into the world. 

     God has richly blessed us with this company and the fans we have. We could not do what we do without the support of our fan base, and most of all, Jesus Christ. We have been blessed to have the materials, artists, and ideas we need to survive. 

     In 2018, we hope to have 2-3 games released to you. Biggest Baddest Baddie is our current front runner, set to go to Kickstarter on September 1st, 2018. Please help us make this project come to life. 



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